Classroom Visit

What is a Classroom Visit?

Invite a Parlay Instructional Strategist to facilitate an engaging, inclusive, and curriculum-aligned discussion with your students.

It’s a great way to introduce everyone to the program and engage the whole class!

What is the process?

1. Planning SessionTeacher + Parlay TeamExplore topics ideas, decide on RoundTable type, pick a date/time, figure out logistics, etc.
2. Prepare TopicParlay TeamInstructional Strategist prepares the discussion topic for the class discussion.
3. The RoundTableTeacher + Parlay TeamInstructional Strategist joins class via Google Meet, leads facilitation of RoundTable discussion.
4. Debrief CallTeacher + Parlay TeamOPTIONAL – brief Google Meet to gather feedback, analyze the data, and discuss assessment.

Book a 15-minute call to get started!

What are teachers saying?

🧞✨ Parlay Genie ✨🧞is our new AI-Powered discussion prompt creator...