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Richer discussions. Start to finish.

A library of discussion topics and templates that connect your classroom to the events and ideas shaping our world. 

A blended learning tool with best practices built right in. Our scaffolded approach encourages a diversity of ideas, and teaches students how to sustain constructive dialogue. 

A Socratic style discussion that teaches students how to make meaningful contributions, and creates a culture where everyone is encouraged to participate.

Your next discussion is on us.

Say Hello 👋

To your personal class discussion concierge.

1. You request a topic.

After signing up (below) you will be asked a few questions about a discussion you want to have with your students.

2. We create a prompt.

Our team uses a research-backed formula to create a customized discussion topic for your classroom. You can also create your own.

3. Students discuss!

We send an email with your finished discussion prompt.  Then you simply invite your students and watch the amazing discussion unfold!