How It Works

Richer discussions. Start to finish.

1. Discussion Prompt

Browse the Parlay Universe, create your own topic, or ask our team to create a custom discussion prompt just for your class.

2. Personal Response

Each student reviews the materials provided and submits a unique response to the discussion prompt. 

3. Peer Feedback

Students join the discussion, provide constructive peer feedback, and build on each other’s ideas.

4. Live Discussion

Students delve deeper and build verbal communication skills in a structured and equitable Socratic Seminar.

5. Data Analytics

Review engagement data with the class, and reflect on how to improve discussions in the future.

6. Teacher Feedback

Teacher provides personalized feedback to each student. Parlay makes automated suggestions.


Our sweet spot is grades 3 – 12.

Yes. Parlay works best with Chromebooks, laptops, or iPads for every student.

Yes, and Parlay integrates with Google, Microsoft, and Clever single sign on.

Both. Parlay is a blended-learning tool. The Online RoundTable can be used inside or outside the classroom. The Live RoundTable is only used inside the classroom.

Yes. Users can write / discuss in almost any language. Buttons and menus are all in English.

Yes. We are COPPA, FERPA, and CSPC certified!

Click here to learn more about our options for schools and districts.

Yes! Click here to join one of our 4-times-per-week webinars. We also do private webinars for individuals and groups as needed. Finally, we have many self-serve resources in our Teacher Resources Folder.