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Professional Development

Expanding teacher capacity for student-led discussions.

Topic 1

Crafting Discussion Questions

Teachers learn how we craft discussion prompts that align to curriculum standards, encourage higher-order thinking, give students choice, and connect learning to the events and ideas shaping our world.

Topic 2

Blending Class Discussions

Teachers learn a basic framework for combining blended learning with student-led discussions. They will also learn how to use Parlay’s Online RoundTable activity to facilitate engaging and inclusive online discussions.

Topic 3

Creating a Culture of Dialogue

Great dialogue requires open-mindedness, vulnerability and teamwork! In this section we work with teachers to establish the right culture and expectations for student-driven discussions in their classroom.

Topic 4

Managing Face-to-Face Discussions

Teachers learn techniques and strategies for facilitating student-led discussions using Parlay’s Live RoundTable. A major focus area is ensuring every student has the opportunity to participate in the activity.

Topic 5

Data-Driven Reflection, Feedback and Assessment

Teachers learn how to analyze engagement data from the class discussion, and how to use that data to facilitate class-wide reflections. We also cover strategies for assessing and providing feedback to individual students as they develop these skills.

Topic 6

Exploring the Pedagogy Behind Parlay

Teachers learn about the research that underpins our work at Parlay. Included in this section is how Parlay discussions  drive achievement, develop language skills, improve SEL, and give all students a voice.

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