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Our wall of ❤️!


of teachers feel Parlay helps improve critical thinking skills compared to other tools / methods.

"I really enjoy Parlay and how it gives us the opportunity to voice out opinions on a topic anonymously. One thing that I don't like is when we have to stop! It's so much fun and I feel like my classmates and I can get into really in depth discussions about important things."
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Middle School Student

of teachers agree that every student has a voice when they use Parlay discussions in their class.

"There is so much post-discussion evidence within the tool. I LOVE the changes. Thanks for constantly improving and for taking feedback from teachers so meaningfully!"
Rob Lockey
English Teacher - Ridley College
"Our teachers are impressed by the guiding questions for commenting. They are finding it really useful to prompt students with how to add insightful contributions to the discussion."
Andrew Fenstermaker
Innovation Coach - ICCSD

of teachers agree that Parlay gives them unique and actionable insights into student engagement.

"I like using Parlay Ideas because it's fun to have a secret identity and it's easy to learn with. I also like how you can comment on other people’s ideas and I think Parlay Ideas is very organized."
Grade 5 Student

⬆️ Parlay RoundTable about Global Citizenship… Visualized! 🤩

"Parlay gives me more confidence to speak out loud"
Grade 7 Student
Welland Public School - DSBN
“This is the best educational software tool I have seen in more than five years."
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Steve Rush
Director of IT - S.A.C.
“It was easier to get my ideas out or if a point I wanted to speak on passed I could just write it in the notes, and still show my understanding.
I also felt like it was easy to get a chance to speak.”
Grade 10 Student