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Working toward your goals.


1. Finding the Right Fit

Identify specific initiatives, grade levels, or subject areas where Parlay discussions can make an impact. Common examples:

- English Literature
- Language Instruction
- Social Studies & Humanities
- World Issues & Current Events
- Socratic Circles & Harkness Tables
- Inquiry Based Learning
- Project Based Learning
- Flipped / Blended Instruction
- Digital Citizenship
- Social-Emotional Growth

Curriculum Adaptation

2. Curriculum Adaptation

Our team creates custom discussion prompts, aligning and adapting your curriculum requirements to Parlay's RoundTable discussion activities. Click here to learn more about our methodology for crafting RoundTable discussion prompts.


3. Training and Set Up

Our team runs professional development for teachers and coaches. Topics include: software training, facilitation strategies, role-playing, and content creation. We also integrate with your existing services: SIS Rostering, SSO and LMS integrations.

Support 1

4. Continued Support

Teachers and coaches get unlimited support all year long:

- On-demand prompt requests
- 1:1 video conference check-in / training
- Real time chat and email support

A Year 1 Case Study


Community Consolidated
School District 15

Palatine, Illinois

Active Teachers
Active Students
Total Discussions
Avg. Participation Rate
I can’t say enough about this tool! It has made my online discussions richer, my Socratic Seminars smoother, and giving feedback easier. It SHOULD be used in every classroom!
Junior High Teacher
I LOVE the Concierge Service! I give them a topic, tell them the specifics of my class, what I am looking for, and viola! A Parlay is created!
Junior High Teacher
It turned out amazing. Parlay really gives students who do not normally speak up a platform for discussion. We were blown away with the conversations it sparked!
Junior High Teacher

What can you expect?

2x - 3x Participation Rates

The Parlay team conducted a 12-week efficacy study with dozens of Middle and High School classrooms. Our research showed that using Parlay increases participation rates in student-driven class discussions by a factor of 2 and 3 on a consistent basis. 

Sample RoundTables