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Teacher Trial

  • 6 Free RoundTables
  • 1 Custom Discussion Prompt
  • Google and Microsoft SSO
  • Connect to Google Classroom

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Site License

  • On-Site & Online PD
  • Unlimited RoundTables
  • Prompts On-Demand
  • SIS Rostering (Clever)

Annual licenses start at $3.00 per student, and we have flexible “Launch Year” options for new schools & districts.

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Training and Content Services

Workshop Topics

  • Crafting higher-order thinking questions
  • Blended-learning + class discussions
  • Creating a culture of dialogue
  • Class discussion facilitation techniques
  • Data-driven feedback and assessment
  • Explore the pedagogy behind Parlay

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Content Concierge

  • Custom discussion topics on-demand
  • Created in as little as 48 hours
  • Aligned to curriculum expectations
  • Built using research-backed framework
  • We make changes until teachers are happy

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Launch Year Case Study


Community Consolidated
School District 15

Palatine, Illinois

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Avg. Participation Rate
I can’t say enough about this tool! It has made my online discussions richer, my Socratic Seminars smoother, and giving feedback easier. It SHOULD be used in every classroom!
Junior High Teacher
I LOVE the Concierge Service! I give them a topic, tell them the specifics of my class, what I am looking for, and viola! A Parlay is created!
Junior High Teacher
It turned out amazing. Parlay really gives students who do not normally speak up a platform for discussion. We were blown away with the conversations it sparked!
Junior High Teacher

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