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Become a Parlay Trailblazer!

Becoming a Parlay Trailblazer is as easy as saying ‘Socratic Seminar’.

Step 1 – Sign up/Login with Parlay

  • Parlay is integrated with Google and Microsoft for easy login.

Step 2 – Create a course and have your first Online RoundTable Discussion!

  • Need inspiration discussion inspiration? Choose from our growing list of Discussion Topics to start a dialogue right away.

Step 3 – Share!

  • Once your discussion is completed and your brains are buzzing with exciting new ideas, share your Chord Diagram, Idea Cloud or both! And let your community know how your class’ discussion went (make sure you tag us or use the hashtag #discussiondrivers so we can find you)

Chord Diagram

Idea Cloud

  • Pro Tip: For an interesting and dynamic Chord Diagram make sure students reply to one another 2 times or more.

Once you’ve completed all of the steps, you are officially a Parlay Trailblazer! You’ll be joining a community of educators dedicated to empowering student learning through meaningful discussions. We’ll also be extending an invitation to join our Parlay TrailBlazer Slack Workspace. This is where we ideate and gather feedback from the teachers in our community. 

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to email our Community Coordinator: heather@parlayideas.com.

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