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Refer your Friends and get Parlay Free for 1 Year!

Referrals!! That’s right, we’re doing them.

Parlay has always been free to use, create 1 class and get unlimited RoundTables.

But now when you refer 2 friends, you get a Parlay license for 1 year.


  • Unlimited classes
  • Unlimited RoundTables
  • And access to all future updates that will be coming out over the next few months

With Parlay it’s easier than ever to run a discussion in your class and for good reason, it’s such an important part of learning!

John Hattie ranked classroom discussions in the top 20 in his “Visible Learning” study, as a factor related to positive student achievement.

Here’s what it looks like:

Visit your profile and click on Referrals.

How it works:


Copy the link and share it with 2 or more of your teacher-friends.


Your friends create an account and run 1 or more RoundTables with their class of at least 5 students.

Parlay Free

When they’ve hosted a discussion, you get Parlay for free for 1 year and they get 40% off their purchase of Parlay.

We believe life is about sharing great ideas. Now it’s easier than ever.

Visit your profile and refer your friends. Share the power of discussions.

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