Prepare your Substitute Teacher for Easy Success, Here’s How…

Your substitute teacher will be prepared, so you can rest easy.

Setting your substitute teacher up for success takes a little bit of time and some preparationbut it will give you peace of mind when you’re away from the classroom so you can get the rest that you need. 

Using Parlay to help you prep can make the process easier and quicker, even if the teacher subbing for you hasn’t used the tool before. Your substitute teacher will thank you, here’s 3 reasons why:

  1. Parlay is a student-centered learning tool that only really requires the teacher to start it.
  2. There’s endless resources for the sub to choose from.
  3. Students who use Parlay have fun as they engage in learning, and it can be a simple way for the sub to get to know the students a bit better.

Bonus! You’ll know your students are continuing to progress in their learning, so that when you’re back, you can keep moving forward. 

Let’s get started! Note: it is best if your students are already familiar with Parlay.

5 ways to prepare the substitute for success.

1. Create an outline of daily activities and tasks.

This one doesn’t involve Parlay directly, but it’s always good to give the teacher subbing your class an idea of what your students’ daily routine looks like. That way they know when to give students time to work on assignments in Parlay. This keeps the class running smoothly.

2. Create a few backup Online RoundTable discussions.

Whether this is related to an upcoming topic you want to discuss in class, something simple and unrelated, or just for fun. Prepare a few discussions now so you don’t have to worry in the future. These discussions can be kept in your Teacher portfolio and will be ready to use whenever you’re away (planned or unplanned).

  • Share the link on Google Classroom or your LMS. Students will access it and can get started on their own, or the sub can give students class time to work on their Online RoundTable.
  • This can be done while you’re away and monitored by the sub.

This activity allows students to work independently while still getting to collaborate with their peers. Your sub will thank you for this one.

BONUS: If you happen to know the email of the teacher who is taking over your class, you can add them as a co-teacher to your Parlay course if they have a Parlay account.

3. The Parlay Universe is the ultimate resource!

There are hundreds of interesting low-stakes discussions ready to be used in the Parlay Universe. These discussions are easy to set up and will be fun for your students and the teacher who substitutes your class.

Tip: Not all of your substitute teachers will be familiar with Parlay, that’s okay! Share the Parlay Help Guides with them and they should be ready to use it in no time.

4. Live RoundTable discussion

If your students are comfortable using the Live RoundTable, they can lead the discussion! 

  • Create the Live RoundTable in advance and prepare the guiding questions (or have students come up with their own prompting questions)
  • Add the substitute as a co-teacher, that way you still have access to all of your students’ participation data.
  • Provide your sub with 1-3 names of responsible students who can help them by being the Student Moderator, and or the Student Questioner.

5. Share our resources with them.

We have lots of resources already prepared that you can share with the teacher taking over your class. Here are two to get you started, as well as the link mentioned above which will take them to our resource folder.

Round Up

That was 5 things you can do to make sure your substitute teacher is prepared so that they can succeed and your students can continue to progress in their learning. Rest easy knowing they’ve got everything under control because you planned ahead! These activities are simple and when prepped properly, will give your substitute teacher a great opportunity to lead your students as best they can.

If you use any of these tips let us know how it goes! Make sure to reach out to us if you have any questions, just click the smiley face in the bottom right hand corner. We look forward to hearing from you! Or find us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram for more discussion-based tips.