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New Partnership: Parlay and The DONUT!

The Parlay Team is extremely excited to announce our partnership with… The DONUT!

What is The DONUT?

The DONUT aims to fix news and conversations in the U.S. by delivering impartial, trustworthy information that’s fun and easy to consume. The flagship newsletter, the Daily DONUT, packs the highest-impact news into a less-than-5-minute read each weekday morning.

How will the partnership work?

Each week, educators will have access to 3 discussion topics that are ready to use with students. These discussions will be based on the DONUT’s “Daily Dose of Discussion” using Parlay’s structure of discussions including Learning Goals, Discussion Questions and guided feedback instructions. Teachers can use these topics directly using the Parlay platform or make slight adjustments based on the need of their class. The team at the DONUT provides an incredible (and unbiased :)) summary of a current event, and the Parlay team turns it into an easy & engaging activity. These discussion topics will be available in the DONUT Collection in the Parlay Universe.

Check Out the DONUT Collection

Why are we doing this?

Teachers are always looking for ways to integrate the events and ideas shaping our world into their instruction. At Parlay, we believe that discussions are the best way to accomplish this! Moreover, it’s increasingly difficult to find objective and unbiased information about the actual events that are happening in the world. Since the team at the DONUT is amazing at doing this, we decided that a partnership was the best way to bring this vision to life.

What is Parlay?

Parlay is an educational technology platform that helps teachers in K-12 schools facilitate meaningful, measurable, and inclusive discussions in their classrooms. Our content library – the Parlay Universe – is a free and open resource with thousands of ready-made discussion topics for teachers to use in the classroom. Parlay’s two main discussion activities – the Online and Live RoundTable – are used by over 500,000 teachers and students inside classrooms and remote/hybrid learning environments all over the world.

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