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Parlay Introduces Open Online Roundtable Discussions

Bobby McDonald    

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Parlay Introduces Open Online Roundtable Discussions

Teachers can now access pre-made ‘real world’ discussion topics and create their own

Toronto, ON: Parlay, an edtech company passionate about promoting meaningful class discussions, is introducing an update to their Online Roundtable program. The easy-to-use program measures student participation, inspires meaningful discussions and creates an inclusive classroom environment. The update gives teachers the opportunity to access pre-made roundtable discussion topics that cover real world issues. Giving teachers a tool to spark discussion – engaging students in collaborative conversation where they can think critically, problem solve and be creative – important skills necessary for the 21st century job market.

Bobby McDonald, CEO of Parlay, said about the updates, “We spent the last year and half in classrooms working with teachers and students, reviewing user data with a very strong focus on creating a classroom discussion experience that’s both powerful, meaningful and very simple.” The additions to the program create a connection between the classroom and the real world. As the world becomes increasingly polarized it is becoming more important to raise awareness about things happening in the world today. Students are living in a time where the isolating effects of social media are acknowledged, it’s more important than ever to teach young people the importance of thoughtful discussions about the events and ideas shaping their world.

Parlay promotes education that is driven by curiosity. The new updates make it easy for teachers to create discussions that foster experiential learning, encouraging students to collaborate, think critically and problem solve through in-class discussions. Nick Day, Director AP Capstone at St. Andrew’s College says about Parlay, “When my students use Parlay, their discussions continue outside of class; they are no longer restricted by the boundaries of class time. Student engagement has been greater, and they are able to apply and refine skills they learn in class while considering real-world issues.”

The new updates:

  • make it easier for teachers to create discussions that foster experiential learning,
  • help spark discussions with students and allow teachers to see student participation and progression,
  • allow teachers the opportunity to create their own discussion topics, making it easy to integrate into different curriculum.

Parlay is continuing to improve the program with the help of teachers, industry experts and educational researchers.

About Your Company: Parlay is an edtech company based in Toronto, Canada, currently working in Ryerson’s DMZ. Parlay is a software tool that helps teachers inspire meaningful, measurable and inclusive class discussions that help create responsible and respectful digital citizens.