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About Parlay

Inspire and enlighten, together. 

Tell me about Parlay (short):
Educators all over the world use Parlay to inspire meaningful discussions, encourage critical thinking, and measure student engagement.

Tell me more… (long):
At Parlay, we make software tools that help teachers inspire meaningful class discussions inside the classroom and in an online setting. Parlay encourages constructive peer feedback, and gives every student the opportunity to contribute. Our unique discussion modules (called RoundTables™)  help teachers inspire critical thinking, collaboration and individual accountability during conversation. Parlay also tracks the quantity, quality and diversity of engagement so teachers can identify strengths and provide informed feedback to their students. 

Who is it for?
Parlay is for any teacher that wants students to engage in substantive conversations. Typically, this starts in Middle School and continues right through to the end one’s education. Sometimes Literature teachers use Parlay RoundTables to discuss books. Sometimes Science teachers use Parlay to discuss the morality of gene augmentation. Sometimes Politics teachers use Parlay to host mock debates. Sometimes History teachers use Parlay to peer review theses. Wherever students can learn through discussion, Parlay can be found.