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Case Study – AP Capstone

Teacher: Nick Day

School: St. Andrew’s College

Class: AP Capstone Seminar

Parlay Activities: Online RoundTable, Live RoundTable

Learning Objectives:

  1. Students practice the analysis skills they need to apply to writings in AP Capstone.
  2. Class explores the subject matter more deeply.
  3. Give everyone the chance to move the conversation forward.

Lesson Overview:

Step 1 – Asynchronous Preparation

Nick’s AP Capstone students are some of the busiest students at St. Andrew’s and this course is fast paced. He uses the Online RoundTable to send students their weekly readings and corresponding discussion questions. From there, each student is free to review the material, answer one of the proposed discussion questions and engage with their peers’ ideas on their own time.

Step 2 – Live Discussions

Nick uses Parlay’s Live RoundTable module to track participation and take notes during Harkness Tables and Socratic Circles. The data collected helps provide meaningful personalized feedback to each student throughout the year.


  1. Parlay makes it easy to encourage the independence and accountability that his students must master to succeed during seminar-style learning at University.
  2. Students are more engaged in all forms of conversation (online and in class) that are so critical to student success and skill development in AP Capstone.
  3. Nick has confidence in his students’ preparedness, so he can focus on evaluating and providing valuable feedback during Harkness Tables instead of being forced to moderate the conversation.

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