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1. Create a Discussion

Arrange participants in a discussion-friendly classroom setup for your seminar-style conversation, class debate or even group presentations.

“I can use Parlay for a few minutes in every one of my classes.”

Josh Armstrong – Social Studies
Pickering College

2. Track Participation

Track speakers, leave private notes, and award points to students for demonstrating important conversation skills.

“I tried the live discussion in my French class. It was magical”

Sophia Berezowsky – French Teacher
Upper Canada College

3. Give Everyone a Voice

Students can use their devices to react in real time, request a turn and provide feedback as the discussion unfolds.

“The kids loved the Live RoundTable… All in all a wonderful software.”

Teacher and Curriculum Director
CAIS School, Ontario

4. Visualize Participation

Leverage engagement metrics to quantify individual student participation, and give formative assessments.

“It saves so much time & makes things easier for both me and my students.”

Senior School English Teacher
CAIS School, Ontario

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