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Setting Up For Success

Use this checklist to make sure you and your students are ready for the most impactful, engaging and inclusive Live RoundTable experience.

Step 1 – Preparation

Leading up to the Live RoundTable…

  • My students have a foundation of understanding for the discussion:

    – They have read the chapters of our current novel / text, or;
    – They have gone on the field trip or other out of class experience, or;
    – They have watched the video, or;
    – They have participated in the
    Parlay Online RoundTable!

  • All of my students will have access to a laptop computer or tablet for this Live RoundTable.

  • I have decided if/how I will use Parlay Points to evaluate student contributions during this Live RoundTable, and I have communicated these expectations to the class.

Bonus Activities

  • I have shared this resource on meaningful discussion contributions with my students.

  • I have asked 1 or 2 students to prepare critical thinking questions for the class to explore.

Step 2 – Before the RoundTable Starts

On the day of the Live RoundTable…

  • Given class size and available seating, I have arranged my students in a circle or similar “face-to-face” classroom setup.

  • I have added all of the students to the Live RoundTable, shared the link, or invited them through Google Classroom.

  • I have allowed 5-10 minutes before the discussion starts for all students to type down the main ideas/points they want to discuss in their “notes” section

Bonus Activities

  • I have crafted a live polling question that I would like to use to kick-off the discussion.

Step 3 – Managing the Live RoundTable

During the Live RoundTable…

  • I understand how the main features work during the discussion (Demo Video):

    – Hand Raising
    – Points & Note Taking
    – Nudging
    – Pausing
    – Polling

  • My students understand how the main features work during the discussion (Demo Video):

    – Hand Raising
    – Tapping Out
    – Note Taking
    – Applauding

Step 4 – Analysis and Feedback

After the Live RoundTable…

  • I have reviewed the class-wide engagement chart (Demo Video)

  • I have reviewed all of my students’ engagement summaries in the following ways (Demo Video):

    – Reviewed their personal notes and adjusted point accordingly.
    – Reviewed my private notes from the discussion.
    – Provided personalized feedback if/as appropriate to that student.


Step 5 – Repeat!

That’s a wrap!

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