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For Teachers

Point Types Guide

Help students recognize their skills and aptitudes during class discussions.

Creating a RoundTable

Create great RoundTables that will spark meaningful discussions in class.

For Students

How to Be a Better Digital Citizen

7 ways you can make a difference in the online community.

Evaluating the “News”

The importance of thinking critically about the information we read.

PESTEL Analysis

Explore complex problems and gain insight from different perspectives.

How to Build an Argument

Simple tips on how to make strong and convincing arguments.

How to Evaluate an Argument

Ways to determine whether or not an argument is valid.

Keys to Effective Feedback

A guide on how to give and receive peer feedback.

Infographics & Posters

Challenges for Today’s Teachers

Use Parlay to stay productive and overcome teaching obstacles.

Encouraging Students to Speak Up

Learn how Parlay can help you accommodate different student needs.

Parlay’s Principles of Discussion

Our six pillars of meaningful class discussions.