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Case Study –¬†English Literature

Teacher: Leah Duncan & Keith Kupsch

School: Pickering College

Class: Grade 12 English Literature

Parlay Activities: Online RoundTable


  1. Introduce students to peer feedback and group discussions.
  2. Collaborate across classrooms in the English department.
  3. Teach students to write for an audience.

Lesson Overview:

Step 1 – Pick your book!

At the beginning of the unit, students across all four sections of Grade 12 English each select a book from 1 of 4 main themes. There are three to four books in each category. Students are then organized into Parlay Courses based on the book theme that they selected, instead of their normal section.

Step 2 – Weekly Reports:

Every week students are tasked with responding to a discussion prompt within their online group and engaging in discussion – drawing comparisons and identifying similarities between the literary aspects of the books within their chosen theme.


  1. Students are putting more time and attention into their posts because they know they have an audience.
  2. Parlay gives quiet and introverted students a voice.
  3. Students enjoy the anonymous posting, and engage more openly.
  4. Peer feedback moves beyond the classroom.

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