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Launch Year

Explore our hands-on approach to integrating Parlay and expanding teacher capacity for student-led discussions.

We come to you!

Every Launch Year starts with 1 or 2 days of on-site professional development.

1. Modeling Parlay 
Show, don’t tell. A member of the Parlay engagement team will run Parlay discussions during scheduled class time. These will be coordinated with teachers to ensure that the topic is aligned to class content. 

2. Teacher Training
At any point throughout the day, your dedicated Parlay trainer will also host PD sessions. These include a demonstration of Parlay, teacher onboarding, and a brainstorming session of the different ways teachers can implement Parlay.

3. Train the Trainer
If your district has coaches to assist with technology integration, the Parlay team will host training sessions with them, and provide resources to ensure they are equipped to help teachers all year. This can be in person or online.

Ongoing Support

Because world-class support never goes out of style. 

1. School/District License
Included in the Launch Year is a full year of unlimited usage of the Parlay app for all teachers and students across your school or district.

2. Custom Content
We go the extra mile. Our team will create a custom discussion prompts for teachers in as little as 48 hours. Click here to see our research-backed framework for creating discussion topics.

3. Real-Time Help
The Parlay team responds to support requests in less than 3 minutes. We even open up our calendars for any teacher to book time to learn more.

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Launch Year Case Study

Community Consolidated
School District 15

Palatine, Illinois

Active Teachers
Active Students
Total Discussions
Avg. Participation Rate
I can’t say enough about this tool! It has made my online discussions richer, my Socratic Seminars smoother, and giving feedback easier. It SHOULD be used in every classroom!
Junior High Teacher
I LOVE the Concierge Service! I give them a topic, tell them the specifics of my class, what I am looking for, and viola! A Parlay is created!
Junior High Teacher
It turned out amazing. Parlay really gives students who do not normally speak up a platform for discussion. We were blown away with the conversations it sparked!
Junior High Teacher