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Case Study – Social Studies Reflections

Teacher: Josh Armstrong

School: Pickering College

Class: Social Studies

Parlay Activities: Online RoundTable, Live RoundTable


  1. Introduce active reflections into the classroom.
  2. Give students regular writing practice.
  3. Teach students to write for an audience.

Lesson Overview:

Step 1 – Planned Lesson

Mr. Armstrong teaches his regular lesson for most of the class time. Sometimes this involves using Parlay’s Live RoundTable module, and other times it does not involve Parlay at all.

Step 2 – Exit Ticket: Reflection

In the last 10-15 minutes of class students are responsible for going on Parlay and responding to a reflection question on the Online RoundTable. Often times this reflection question will include new information or perspectives (video, article, image etc) for the students to consider. After responding they are asked to provide constructive feedback and/or build on their peers ideas. This can take place during class time or at home for a truly blended experience.


  1. Students are putting more time and attention into their posts because they know they have an audience.
  2. During the lesson, the Live RoundTable enables Mr. Armstrong to quickly “capture” some of the key ideas and individual participation in a face-to-face class discussion.
  3. Daily exit tickets are helping his students become better writers and critical thinkers.

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