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Introduction (2 minutes)

Full Walkthrough (30 minutes)

Online RoundTables

Helpful Resources

1. Creating the Prompt
3. Secret Identities
5. Points / Assessment
2. Inviting Students
4. Peer Feedback Questions
6. Metrics & Visualizations

Live RoundTables

Helpful Resources

1. Teacher Activities

3. Live Polls

5. Class Summary

2. Student Activities

4. Inviting Students

Case Studies

Nick Day
AP Capstone
St. Andrew’s College

Learn More

Leah Duncan
Grade 12 English Literature
Pickering College

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Joshua Armstrong
Social Studies
Pickering College

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Instructional Templates

These Instructional Templates outline some of the differentiated instructional practices that Parlay’s Online RoundTable supports in the classroom. We hope that these templates help you improve your teaching strategies and increase student engagement in new and meaningful ways.