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Parlay’s Year in Review


 2017 Year in Review

Parlay here! We hope you had a wonderful holiday season with lots of great food, good company and great discussions.

It’s time for our year in review! The new year is fast approaching, and as we think about all of the things we want to accomplish in 2018, we remember the last two years which have been filled with lots of firsts and exciting developments!

Parlay has quickly blossomed from a fascinating brainchild, to a fully functioning program on a mission to make learning more interesting, in-class conversations more compelling and a tool that helps students develop essential 21st century skills.

Here’s a look at the highlights from the last two years at Parlay:

  • September 2016 we launched alpha.
  • March 2017 we launched beta.
  • September 2017 we launched version 1 of the Parlay program.
  • Our team has grown! We welcomed Joao, Marcos, Ram, Anthony, Jeffrey, Roxanne, Niki and Heather to help build a better Parlay.
  • The first teacher to ever use the Live RoundTable described it as “magical” – the best review we could have anticipated.
  • We launched Parlay’s Open Online RoundTables.
  • We are happy to say that we have our first 10 paying customers.

As we look back on all the things we’ve accomplished this year and the last, it gives us the energy to keep working hard so that we can accomplish many more great things!

We want to create the best possible version of Parlay so that teachers and students can discuss real-world topics that make classroom conversations engaging, and an opportunity to actively learn.

Join us in the new year for lots of exciting updates to the Parlay program!

If you’d like to learn more about Parlay and our commitment to making sure students are having meaningful discussions using digital citizenship, visit our website and start a discussion with your class.

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