Make Class Discussions An Everyday Activity. Save Time With These Discussion Topics

Problem – There Isn’t Enough Time

How much of your workday is spent teaching? And how much time do you spend planning and preparing for class?

According to Teachers’ Workload Diary Survey 2013, on average, teachers work over 50 hours a week. 19 to 20 of those hours are spent on teaching, and about 10 hours on planning and preparation. Not to mention assessment, which takes another 10 hours after teaching is done. Carrying out non-teaching activities takes a significant amount of teachers’ time.

OECD’s 2015 research paper, Education Indicators in Focus, gives some insight on where teachers from around the world spend most of their time.

Countless studies and research papers try to understand the daily functions of a teacher and how they manage to fit everything into their day. The recent flood of articles on incorporating social-emotional learning (SEL) into not only students lives, but also teachers lives, is a clear indicator that the job can be stressful.

Point blank, it’s no secret that teachers are incredibly busy and often struggle to find time for planning lessons.

2 Solutions – Student-led Discussions & Discussion Topics Whenever You Need Them

Student-led discussions are a great way to ease the daily grind of teaching and allow for students to take on more responsibility.

Not only is it a great way to shift the focus, but it’s been shown to have great effects on student learning.

A pilot study from Avans University in the Netherlands, found that giving students an opportunity to take the lead in making decisions and choices helped to raise grades, increase attendance and enhance overall engagement.

When students are given the opportunity to take an active part in class they learn to take initiative, making them more involved in their own learning. Discussions are especially interactive and are a space where students teach one another through collective knowledge that is shared.

Great discussion questions can take time to come up with. That’s where we come in.

We’re introducing Content Concierge, where we make custom-made discussion topics at your request. It’s our way of helping you find more time, while also making every class more engaging with great classroom discussions.

We create content that is perfectly tailored for your class. You can get the process started by making a request. Tell us what class you teach, the grade, and the topic you want your students to discuss. As well as any other additional information you feel we should know.

Here’s how you request discussion topics:

It’s that easy and simple! Save yourself time by using Content Concierge, custom-made discussion topics just for you!

We’re here to help.

Additional details about Content Concierge.

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