13 Creative Writing Ideas That Will Spark Discussion

Let’s get started!

These creative writing ideas will spark unique thoughts and even better conversations. The following prompts provide quick and easy ways for you to get students practicing creative thinking — a great skill for all facets of life. 

Creative writing prompts can impact students by:

  • Improving self-expression
  • Cultivating empathy and curiosity
  • Inspiring new thoughts and ideas
  • Stimulating deeper contemplation

Let’s jump in!

Our top 13 Creative Writing Ideas

Student introspection:

Tip: A breathing exercise beforehand can help students quiet their minds and focus on introspection.

Student imagination:

Tip: Before any of these discussions, do a quick Think-Pair-Share, sharing their ideas with the whole class — helping to amplify creativity and give students ideas to bounce off of.

Subject related creative writing prompts:

Tip: Use these creative writing activities at the end of a lesson related to the topic to help students build on and connect to what your students just learned.

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We can't wait to see the amazing and creative ideas that your students come up with if you use these creative writing activities. Here are what some other teachers shared!