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Meaningful Class Discussions

Parlay helps teachers spark inclusive conversations, encourage critical thinking and measure student engagement, in class or at home.

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Online RoundTables

Blended learning at its best.

Online RoundTables are interactive online discussions where students practice independent research, improve critical writing skills and learn to give constructive peer feedback from anywhere. Easy to use and simple to set-up.

  • Student Reflections

  • Peer Feedback Exercises

  • Homework Activities

  • Book Reviews

  • Case Studies

  • Online Debates

How It Works

Live RoundTables

Measurable and inclusive conversations.

Live RoundTables are a simple way to track participation during in-class discussions, gauge real-time class sentiment and give every student the opportunity to be heard.

  • Harkness Tables

  • Socratic Circles

  • Fishbowl Discussions

  • Small Group Seminars

  • Class Debates

  • Student Presentations

How It Works


Parlay + Google = 🙂

Single Sign On

No more forgetting passwords. Students sign in with their Google or Microsoft accounts.

Sharing Assignments

Effortlessly publish Parlay RoundTables as assignments to your Google Classroom.

Built for Chrome

Parlay is optimized to work with Google Chrome browsers and Chromebooks.

Educators and Collaborators

A tool built on feedback from educators.

Nick Day
AP Capstone
St. Andrew’s College

Leah Duncan
Grade 12 English Literature
Pickering College

Joshua Armstrong
Social Studies
Pickering College

Discussion Topics

Connecting the classroom to the real world.

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Engagement Reports

Discussions, meet data.

Learn more than ever from your students discussions.

Understand their engagement, identify trends, highlight strengths and provide meaningful feedback to improve student learning and quality of conversation during discussions.

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