Deeper learning through discussion.

Parlay is an instructional technology platform that makes it easy for teachers to facilitate, measure, and assess student-driven discussions – in person and online.


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Browse thousands of topics.

The Parlay Universe is a library of open discussion topics created by educators from around the Parlay community.

Facilitate amazing discussions.

Teachers can choose the Online RoundTable for written discussions or the Live RoundTable for verbal discussions.

Data, assessment, and feedback.

Parlay automatically tracks individual and class-wide participation data from your discussions.

Discussions work.

Student-driven discussions are a holistic and effective way to achieve many of the most important goals of the modern education system.

When educators actively integrate student-driven discussions into their instruction, they create learning experiences that prepare students for the future. 

“Parlay really nails the steps that students need to take to deepen their learning and become complex thinkers.”

– Common Sense Learning

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