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The future of class discussions.

Parlay puts your students and their unique perspectives at the heart of learning, and gives you the data that you need to help them grow.


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Best practices like scaffolding and peer feedback are built right in, ensuring deep and intentional discussions online and in person.


From secret identities to digital hand raises, Parlay is your tool to increase student voice and encourage a diversity of perspectives.


Data-driven class discussions increase accountability, encourage reflection, and empower reliable feedback and assessment.

How It Works

“I cannot express how much I am in love with Parlay Ideas! Such a great platform for discussion and expressing opinions in a safe, academic, anonymous manner! 

Katie Burns, Community Consolidated School District 15

“Students were more aware and intentional of their moves while discussing ideas. This made the discussion richer and better aligned with my learning targets and standards.” 

Susan Hedgecock, Sarasota Christian Academy

“There is so much post-discussion evidence within the tool. I LOVE the changes. Thanks for constantly improving and for taking feedback from teachers so meaningfully!”

Rob Lockey, Ridley College

“Parlay really nails the steps that students need to take to deepen their learning and become complex thinkers.”

– Common Sense Media

Hear every voice.

In a typical discussion 40% of students will actively and willingly contribute ideas. Parlay’s toolkit increases that number to 85% or more. Check out our efficacy study.

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Try Parlay today. Your students will thank you.

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