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Why Discussions?

Since Antiquity, we have understood the power of discussions in education.

Today, research shows that discussions double student learning outcomes, and teach transferrable skills like communication, critical thinking and collaboration.

Discussions also encourage open-mindedness, foster empathy for different perspectives, and help students develop interpersonal relationship skills.

Tech + Humans = 📈

Parlay is a unique combination of software tools, curriculum content, and support services. We make it easy for teachers to bring student-driven discussions to the forefront of the classroom experience. 

How It Works

Bringing your classroom to life

All great discussions start with great questions. The Parlay Universe is a library of discussion prompts that connect your classroom to the events and ideas shaping our world.

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You’re in good company!

“I cannot express how much I am in love with Parlay Ideas! Such a great platform for discussion and expressing opinions in a safe, academic, anonymous manner! 

Katie Burns, Community Consolidated School District 15

“Students were more aware and intentional of their moves while discussing ideas. This made the discussion richer and better aligned with my learning targets and standards.” 

Susan Hedgecock, Sarasota Christian Academy

“There is so much post-discussion evidence within the tool. I LOVE the changes. Thanks for constantly improving and for taking feedback from teachers so meaningfully!”

Rob Lockey, Ridley College

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