Inspire meaningful discussions.

Parlay helps teachers spark class discussions that encourage critical thinking, constructive feedback and consideration of different perspectives.

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Simple. Flexible. Fun.

Parlay’s two unique RoundTable modules make it easy for teachers to engage students in substantive discussions inside the classroom and online.

 Student Journals and Reflections

✔ Peer Feedback Exercises

✔ Remote Class Discussions

 Exploring “Real-World” Concepts

Flipped Classroom Activities

✔ Student Presentations

✔ Harkness Tables

✔ Socratic Circles

Seminars and Tutorials

✔ Class Debates

A holistic approach.

Parlay discussions inspire deeper levels of analysis and encourage more open communication – raising the bar for meaningful classroom discourse.

Better Visibility. Instantly.

Measure the quantity, quality and diversity of student engagement. Use the Parlay Points System to highlight strengths and identify areas for improvement. 

Built for teachers.

Every day we collaborate with teachers and students to create the simplest and most impactful educational tool in the world.

[Parlay] encourages students to source credible evidence, ask thought-provoking questions, and introduce unique perspectives to conversations while building capacity for critical thinking on the web.

Social Studies – University of Toronto Schools

Parlay encourages students to craft responses that are measured with research evidence, deeper layers of analysis, and a metacognitive consideration of their own thinking processes.  It also promotes peer critique and collaboration as part of the conversation.

AP Capstone – The Bishop Strachan School

I really like the format because students with small voices in class have bigger voices online… What is more, my students are becoming better writers too!

Social Studies  – CAIS School

I tried the live discussion with one of my classes for the first time.  It was magical.

Modern Languages  – Upper Canada College

( One class free 🙂 )