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Parlay helps teachers facilitate meaningful and inclusive class discussions, ensuring every student is prepared for citizenship and success in a fast changing world.


“I cannot express how much I am in love with Parlay Ideas! Such a great platform for discussion and expressing opinions in a safe, academic, anonymous manner! 

Katie Burns, Community Consolidated School District 15

“Students were more aware and intentional of their moves while discussing ideas. This made the discussion richer and better aligned with my learning targets and standards.” 

Susan Hedgecock, Sarasota Christian Academy

“There is so much post-discussion evidence within the tool. I LOVE the changes. Thanks for constantly improving and for taking feedback from teachers so meaningfully!”

Rob Lockey, Ridley College

Up to 3x Participation Rates.

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Three amazing tools in one platform.

A library of discussion topics and templates that connect your classroom to the events and ideas shaping our world. Can’t find the perfect topic? We will use our unique framework to create your custom, curriculum-aligned prompt in 48 hours.

“Thank you so incredibly much for creating this for me!! It will save me a great amount of time. This is exactly what I was looking for and wanting.”

Audra Schminke, Oak Ridge Middle School

A blended learning tool with best practices built right in. Our scaffolded approach encourages a diversity of ideas, and teaches students how to sustain constructive dialogue. Assessment tools and data visualizations empower reflection and growth.

“It turned out amazing. It really gave students who would not normally speak up a platform for discussion. We were blown away with the conversations it sparked.”

Nicollette Giannopolous, CCSD15

A Socratic Circle style discussion that guides students to make meaningful contributions and creates a culture where everyone is encouraged to speak up. Data visualizations empower reflection, and teachers can assess participation in real-time.

“I use the Live RoundTable every week. Engagement in class discussions is definitely up (and data substantiates this). ”

Marc Brims, University of Toronto Schools

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