Inspire critical thinking and open dialogue in your classroom.

Parlay helps teachers create inspiring discussions and measure student engagement in their classrooms.

Go Beyond the Classroom

Your Parlay discussions will continue online outside of class time. Encourage students to bring real-world issues and events into the conversation.

“When my students use Parlay, discussions continue outside of class; they are no longer restricted by the boundary of class time.”

NICK DAY – St. Andrew’s College

Encourage Critical Thinking

Scaffold your class discussions to elicit meaningful peer feedback. Reward students with badges for demonstrating core competencies.

“Parlay encourages students to craft responses that are measured with research evidence, deeper layers of analysis, and a metacognitive consideration of their own thinking processes.”

ERICA BROCCO – The Bishop Strachan School

Track Live Discussions

Easily track the quality and quantity of participation during in-class discussions. Keep individual student observations as the conversation unfolds.

“Parlay makes it easy to track conversations in the classroom and reward students for moving the conversation forward.”

Grade 11 English Teacher – CAIS School

Measure Engagement

Effortlessly measure student participation. See where students are demonstrating important skills. Track the quantity and diversity of their engagement.

“On Parlay, teachers have been able to track class-wide engagement, peer feedback metrics, and individual student contributions to rich discussion topics.”

MARC BRIMS – University of Toronto Schools

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“Bigotry is the disease of ignorance, of morbid minds; enthusiasm of the free and buoyant. Education and free discussion are the antidotes to both.”
– Thomas Jefferson